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About The Wollstonecraft Club

About The Wollstonecraft Club


The Wollstonecraft Club members bought land on the corner of River Road and Russell Street in the mid 1920s (many of the members being servicemen returned from the First World War) their aim was to provide a community recreation facility with bowls and social activities. Cards were an integral activity at the club.

The first Bowling Championship was held 1928.

After the second world war membership increased and the Ladies Bowling Club was started.

Social activities provided an important facet for members. Records show that Mr Jack Davey, an important theatre and radio personality, was the MC at a number of evening events.

The club has determined to manage financially without poker machines, however bar service is available to members and their guests.

In 1984 the Bridge Club section was formed. Bridge has become the major and popular activity at the club.
From the 1960’s the number of bowlers declined. This appears to be due to the failure of the bowling community at large to attract younger generation enthusiasts to the game.

By the 1990’s the Ladies Bowling section had closed but the club continued to conduct mixed social bowls on two to three days per week.

By the mid 1990’s the club buildings and grounds were showing their age and the need for renovation. To accomplish these much needed repairs and alterations, the club sold the “top” green. This restoration included access provision for mobility restricted members consisting of a ramp from street level and a lift to the games area, both cards and bowls.

The Mayor of North Sydney, Councillor Genia McCaffery officially opened the new lift in October 2006 marking the end of the renovations. The club now provides comfortable and pleasant facilities for its members and guests. It is truly your local gem hidden in the neighbourhood waiting to be discovered by the nearby communities.

As your local club we are endeavoured to deliver quality services to the local community and your support is very important to us.